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This Week's Words to the Wise: Maintenance

What Happens When You Don't Maintain Your Storage Lockers?

Your storage facility is more like you than you think.

Like yourself, your facility has to deal with all sorts of individuals, “injuries” brought on by accidents, and at times, being mistreated.

SO, what’s the common goal? To maintain and preserve, which is the definition of maintenance.

With KeepsterPro, you can do just that.

The one time low cost installation of a Keepster Pro, provides a safe location for every lock. This allows tenants to maintain their unit’s condition by lowering the maintenance burden, not only for themselves but for you as well.

KeepsterPro provides a one of a kind maintenance in your storage facility. Locks will no longer be placed on latches causing damage to the latch, header or even tearing down part of the door.

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This Week's Words to the Wise: Liability

This back injury was caused by a lock left on a latch pulling a steel door header down on top of the tenant. Such injuries and even potential lawsuits can be sufficiently reduced with the installment of the KeepsterPro.

Thank you for continuing to read, like our KeepsterPro we aren’t going away!

Each time a customer unlocks their unit your facilities are at risk of lawsuit. Common injuries include stepping on locks and twisting ankles, cuts from sharp edges on damaged latches or doors and even damaged headers falling on customers.

By providing customers with a safe place for their lock, you lose the risk of lock related injuries brought on by these damages.

Prevent risk with KeepsterPro. The one time purchase that lasts a lifetime and provides you with assurance and insurance in you facility.

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This Week's Words to the Wise: Convenience

When you get home there is a convenient spot for your keys. So, why shouldn't the same convenience be provided in your facility? In this day and age we want convenience.

A convenient parking spot, a convenient amount of storage, but what about a convenient place for customers to place their lock during visitation?

The majority of door damages in a facility are caused by locks not having a specified location while tenants are on sight. Locks are instead left hooked on the door latch, tossed on the ground, placed in pockets, or lost altogether (in header).

With KeepsterPro, reduce frustration and the burden of missing locks. In some cases, facility lock sales will go down but it would otherwise take hundreds of lock sales simply to repair one damaged door.

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Prevent this from Being Your Door


We as members of the Self Storage Association of America are here to be educated in new products serving the industry. Look no further than the KeepsterPro.

KeepsterPro was created by a veteran who has spent the last 35 plus years repairing extensive but preventable lock related damages in the self storage industry. What happens directly after unlocking a roll up door? Clients have no safe place for their lock, which ends up on the ground, hooked on the latch, or misplaced; all are reasons for concern.

With the low cost and one time installation of the PATENTED KeepsterPro, you and your customer will benefit. The possibility of lock related injury and high dollar damages will be absent and your facilities will be able to offer your tenants a convenient and safe location for their locks.

Each blog post you'll learn how KeepsterPro can help you. Start reducing damage costs, liability, maintenance, and worry. Look forward to a quality convenience for you and your customer with KeepsterPro.

Broken Storage Unit Door

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