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This Week's Words to the Wise: Convenience

When you get home there is a convenient spot for your keys. So, why shouldn't the same convenience be provided in your facility? In this day and age we want convenience.

A convenient parking spot, a convenient amount of storage, but what about a convenient place for customers to place their lock during visitation?

The majority of door damages in a facility are caused by locks not having a specified location while tenants are on sight. Locks are instead left hooked on the door latch, tossed on the ground, placed in pockets, or lost altogether (in header).

With KeepsterPro, reduce frustration and the burden of missing locks. In some cases, facility lock sales will go down but it would otherwise take hundreds of lock sales simply to repair one damaged door.

Not only is KeepsterPro convenient for the customer, but it is a huge convenience for you, by removing maintenance burdens and expenses. KeepsterPro is insurance for each unit as it is purchased once and lasts the lifetime of your facility.

At your request, labeled handicap accessible KeepsterPros can be provided as well. Get ready for a lifelong convenience in your facility.

Look forward to next week's wisdom on Liability.

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