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This Week's Words to the Wise: Liability

This back injury was caused by a lock left on a latch pulling a steel door header down on top of the tenant. Such injuries and even potential lawsuits can be sufficiently reduced with the installment of the KeepsterPro.

Thank you for continuing to read, like our KeepsterPro we aren’t going away!

Each time a customer unlocks their unit your facilities are at risk of lawsuit. Common injuries include stepping on locks and twisting ankles, cuts from sharp edges on damaged latches or doors and even damaged headers falling on customers.

By providing customers with a safe place for their lock, you lose the risk of lock related injuries brought on by these damages.

Prevent risk with KeepsterPro. The one time purchase that lasts a lifetime and provides you with assurance and insurance in you facility.

Look forward to next week's wisdom on Maintenance.

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