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This Week's Words to the Wise: Maintenance

What Happens When You Don't Maintain Your Storage Lockers?

Your storage facility is more like you than you think.

Like yourself, your facility has to deal with all sorts of individuals, “injuries” brought on by accidents, and at times, being mistreated.

SO, what’s the common goal? To maintain and preserve, which is the definition of maintenance.

With KeepsterPro, you can do just that.

The one time low cost installation of a Keepster Pro, provides a safe location for every lock. This allows tenants to maintain their unit’s condition by lowering the maintenance burden, not only for themselves but for you as well.

KeepsterPro provides a one of a kind maintenance in your storage facility. Locks will no longer be placed on latches causing damage to the latch, header or even tearing down part of the door.

Not to mention, when managers are making rounds, there is no wondering where a lock might be on an unlocked unit. Provide each unit a drop of the fountain of youth by installing a Keepster Pro today.

Look forward to next week’s wisdom on how investing in the KeepsterPro is investing in yourself.

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